About Lists Of 10

Lists of 10 is meant to be an easy to search, easy to read collection of interesting top 10 lists.  Most top 10 lists out there only show you one result at a time as they want you to click “next” on each page so they get more hits and more ad revenue.  The purpose of my site is to provide a very robust search feature on the homepage that lets you find what you are looking for.

The first site I created was Get Drunk Not Fat which started out as an Excel spreadsheet to satisfy my own curiosity of which beer had the best “alcohol to calorie ratio”.  I soon found that other people found this information useful and turned it into a full blown website and eventually released an iPhone and Android App.  Since going live in December 2008 Get Drunk Not Fat has reached over 1.4 million unique visitors.  Based on this success I wanted to see if Lists of 10 could become even more popular.


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